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Retirement for You and Your Employees

Business owners are involved with the day-to-day activity of growing their businesses. Providing benefits to attract and reward quality employees, including the provision of a competitive retirement plan, can be an overwhelming task. When it comes to offering a retirement plan to their employees, business owners may need professional assistance in navigating the vast maze of complex rules and regulations.

Navigation Wealth Management wants to help you offer your employees retirement options for your business. In addition, we want to help you, the business owner, plan for your own retirement by helping you mange your assets, develop a succession plan and help you have a better idea of what your income will be in retirement. We understand that managing a 401(k) or Simple IRA plan can be overwhelming when you are trying to run a business. Our advisors want to help take that stress off your shoulders by helping your company find a plan, assisting your employees with enrollments into the plan, handling any questions or concerns you may have.

Navigation Wealth Management currently works with multiple businesses and their retirement plans, so we have experience in handling the needs of a business client. Our goal is to make sure that your retirement program runs smoothly and efficiently in addition to making sure that you are also prepared for your own retirement when the time comes.

For those businesses that may not currently offer a retirement plan, we encourage all businesses to offer this option for their employees. It is a benefit to the employer when it is time to hire new employees and it is a benefit to the employee when it is time to retire. Navigation Wealth Management can help you establish a plan for your business. This is a step towards success for both business owners and employees

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From realizing your dreams to building the lifestyle you envision for your family, growing your wealth may help provide resources necessary to accomplish what matters most to you.

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