Investing, Technology & the Infamous “Millennials”

Tired of Working With Your Parent’s Advisor? Investing For Millenials.

Navigation Wealth Management is quite familiar with the “Millennial” mind. Our Director of Investments falls into that category; which brings us a fresh perspective on what today’s young families and professionals may be looking for from their financial advisor.  Millennials have grown up with technology as an integral part of carrying out their day-to-day lives. So, when it comes to finding, receiving, and acting on financial advice, is it all digital, all the time? Quite the contrary.

Yes, millennials value tech-driven solutions and dashboards in their financial planning but they also want the face-to-face advisor experience. What’s more, texting and social media trail far behind as preferred methods for advice. We believe that meeting with our clients on a regular basis is not only required in our industry but is vital to keep us in tune with our clients, their needs and their lives. 

Getting to know our clients and watching them succeed through life is our primary goal.

As for education? Technology, namely social media, facilitates learning and researching products and services; it does not replace an in-person learning environment. Navigation Wealth Management hosts several events throughout the year to not only thank our clients for their business but to also offer educational opportunities for financial subjects that our clients would like more information on.

Whether your preference is to work with an advisor on a face-to-face or on a more technological basis, Navigation Wealth Management can accommodate what you are most comfortable with. We believe in a diverse service platform and building investments that will work for you and your personal needs.

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